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Monday, July 26, 2010

Another Month Down

So it has been awhile since Michele and I updated our blog. We have been into the routine of living with me being tired. I can tell when I do to much. I have a certain amout of energy spurts and then I am done for awhile.

Michele and boys are doing great. Michele landed a job at Lynnwood Highschool as the new athletic coordinator. This should keep us busy this fall. Wyatt spent lthree days last week with his grandparents in Yakima and then slept the rest of the week. Caleb is using his words now. He says mom and Dad and shakes his head no when he does not like something we are giving him. He just now starting to take a few steps. It is so cute to watch him work at this.

We will update again when we have some more news to share. Thank you for your prayers. They are really working.

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