Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Monday, March 1, 2010

Test Results and Next Steps

We got all the test results back and they are all negative. Praise the Lord and thank you all so much for you prayers and putting me and my family on prayer chains. It really has helped us through this. I will now venture out and do the interferon treatment. It is administered at the doctors office every day for four weeks and then three times a week for 48 more. Yes, for all those math types out there this is a full year. I was told this will cause me to have flu like symptoms and I will loose my apatite which in turn cause me to loose some weight. So Michele has commissioned operation get Walter fat. Speaking of this, thanks to all of you have dropped food off for us. It has been great and I am eating more now.

I hope to get the drain out this week and continue to fully recover from my two surguries. Once again the Lord has been working in me this week. Michele and I have grown so much closer to each other and the Lord through this experience. It is in times like these that we truely have our faith tested. I can say it is our faith and everyones's prayers that have helped us get to this point.

I will update again later this week to let you know how I am doing once the drain is removed.

Thanks again and God Bless


  1. I'm glad your going to be okay Walter. I'm good at getting people fat (HaHaHa) What is your favorite dish? Hope to see you soon.

  2. Praise God for wonderful test results!! He is so good. You and your family are in my prayers

    Pam from LHS

  3. Walter-
    I know you know what you need to do during this trial. You need to forget work and pray and work to focus on yourself and your family. No one ever regretted missing work. Let me know how I can help you and your family.