Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Day With Treatment

We had a great time on Saturday celebrating Wyatt's birthday. We had about 15 kids and half as a many adults. God was good and I was feeling up to having the company. Wyatt was a ham and loved all the attention. After two hours and a ton of sugar we sent the rest of the them home. It was a construction theme party and Michele did a great job with the decorations (with help from the Kenoyers). One station did back fire on us. We had set up a hammering station with rigid styrofoam. The kids were supposed to hammer golf tees into the foam like nails. However, someone got the idea that if you scrapped the foam it created snow. Oh yes it does. We had that stuff all over the basement. The first child came up the stairs. He is two and he was covered from head to toe. Michele being the smart one, grabbed our air blower and took them all outside and made a game out of blowing off the snow. The "snow" melted and we relocated the basement floor and furnature after dilegent work from our gracious friends and my Mom. I am sure we will continue to pull this stuff out of the carpet for weeks to come. But the kids had a blast and that is what really matters.

I spent most of the day on Sunday, after church, resting and sleeping. I think Saturday took it out of me. The good news is I did not get as sick on Monday after my treatment. I was told usually on the Monday after the weekend you get pretty sick again and praise God that did not happen. This week I have been just run down. I don't have any energy, but I am not feeling really sick like I was.

Thank you again for your prayers. They are obviously working for me and I can't thank you enough for taking time of your day to pray for my family and I.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week One

I haven't forgoten about posting my progress with the treatment. I got my first IV on Monday and by that afternoon I was shacking like a leaf. I would use the example of going out into the winter cold, in your underware, with a wet head and try to keep warm. I had rice bags on me and Michele was trying to help as well. By the time the shakes had tappered off, my muscels and joints hurt pretty bad. I just kept praying to God that he would give me the strenght to deal with every day. After about three hours I started to get a really high fever. It went away just about the time I went to sleep on Monday.

On Tuesday, I woke up and felt pretty good. I was surprised by this. Howerver, after my IV, the side affects hit me about 45 min. These were not quite as bad, but they were still not fun. Wednesday was more of the same. I actually slept most of the day after my IV, but of course that night I couldn't sleep. So today I had the chills again and I have been sleepy, but I decided not to sleep so I could sleep tonight.

My food intake has gone down quite a bit. However, I am eating more than I thought I would. Thank the Lord for antinausia medicine. I needed it on Monday and I have been using it ever since. I am allowed to have advil and the antinausia medice to help with the side affects. Oh and don't forget the power of prayer.

Thanks again for prayers. They truely do help my family and I get through this tough time. Also, thank you to all who have voluteered to help us. It truely means a lot.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Into the Unknown

Well we made it through my two weeks of work. I was surprised how just working four hours could cause me to be so tired. I would joke about coming home and taking a nap, but I wasn't really serious about doing it. However, I fell asleep almost each day, espicially the first week. I have to keep telling myself this is a journey and not a sprint. This is one of the toughest things about this whole experience. I am used to getting sick or injured and then recovering and going on with my activities. However, this is going to be a real test of my patience. But so far, God has been wonderful through this and I just keep praying he will give me the strength to make it though the next phase. I am also praying for my family. I hope they too will have the strength to make it through this next four weeks, of daily treatment.

We will continue to update the activity calendar as we know more about how I will be feeling. Thank you for continued prayers and willingness to help us. It is truely amazing how God works in our lives in times like this. Just remember what is really important in life and give them a hug.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back To The Grind

It has been quite a roller coster over the last few weeks. Quite honestly it seems like I was given the news yesterday, but I know it has been about five weeks now. So I thought it best to come back to work for four hours a day for the next two weeks. I just needed to balance the cabin fever with going back to fast and making my recovery take longer.

Today was nice. For those of you who work for Boeing you can relate the return to work issues we deal with, but for me the process was pretty easy. It took about 45 min and I was back in action. I had over 55o e-mails and my black berry needs to be reset but other than that it appears I am good to go. It was great to see my co-workers again. On the way home I did have the realization that I don't think I have fully wrapped my brain around exactly what has happened to me. I am sure as time goes on this will start to sink in more and more.

My family seems to be doing better as well. It was hard on them to see me go back to work, but since it was only for four hours we could get through it. Wyatt was in preschool most of the time and when I got home he came running out to meet me. It was really cool to see how excited he was to see me. Even Caleb had a huge grin on his face when I walked into the house and he looked great, despite being covered in his lunch. Michele has been truly amazing during all of this. She has been so strong. At one point, both Wyatt and Caleb were sick and I was needing pain meds every four hours. She was up all night and all day keeping us all going. Over the past week she has finally been able to get some sleep at night, since all of us boys are now sleeping better. On a lighter note, Caleb has decided that his baby food is no longer good enough and he wants to eat what we do. He keeps reaching for and mouthing whatever Michele has and it is the cutest thing to watch. Today he has actually had some "real" food and did great with it. Man they grow up fast.

I thank God every day that this initial process was so quick. He knows that waiting would have been really hard for me. Again, he has been amazing during these past few weeks and has been my rock.

Thank you all again for your prayers. I can't tell you how much they have helped me and my family during this difficult time. It is amazing how events like this bring us all closer together.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Tube Out, Help Needed Calendar, and Comments

Thursday was another milestone in my journey. I met with my surgeon, Dr. Harmon and he said the scar on my arm is doing great and he was able to remove most of the stitches. The skin is still pretty tight and I can't straighten my arm yet, but I am slowly working to that goal every day. I broke my collar bone when I was in college, so I have experience in stretching out my tendons.

He was also able to remove the drain as well. Man what a relief that has been. After 14 days I was ready to get it out. I was tired of draining, measuring and tracking my fluid. I was able to take a shower Friday. Wow was that nice. It is amazing how much we take for granted. I never realized how good my showers actually were. Today was a great reminder of this.

I also wanted to take the time to thank everyone for your throughts and prayers. They have not gone unnoticed and they have helped me and my family so much. Thank all of you have sent cards, brought over food and offered to help take care of our boys and do other things for us.

One question we have been asked since this started "is how can we help you". We were not prepared for the out pooring of love and number of people who wanted to pitch in and help us with whatever we needed. To be honest, we were caught completely off guard and had no idea how anyone could help us. Luckily for us we have the internet and some industrious friends. We have created a help needed calendar. Michele and I add activities and dates to this calendar and then folks can go in and sign up to do what is open. You will need to be patient with us on this one, because we are still updating this, but the link is at the end of this post.

One final note is we were able to figure out how to get comments posted on the blog as well. Sorry for not figuring this out sooner, but better late than never. The comments won't post right away, but they will post. Please feel free to share comments. Michele and I have tried to make sure it gets to everyone, but if you find out we missed someone please let us know or send them the link.

Thank you all again for your prayers. God has been amazing in getting us through to this step in the process. I thank you for your continued prayers for my family and I as we heal from the surgery and get ready for the interferon treatment. I will post more on this as we get closer to the treatment date of March 22nd.

Link to the calendar: www.lotsahelpinghands.com/c/623437/login/

Monday, March 1, 2010

Test Results and Next Steps

We got all the test results back and they are all negative. Praise the Lord and thank you all so much for you prayers and putting me and my family on prayer chains. It really has helped us through this. I will now venture out and do the interferon treatment. It is administered at the doctors office every day for four weeks and then three times a week for 48 more. Yes, for all those math types out there this is a full year. I was told this will cause me to have flu like symptoms and I will loose my apatite which in turn cause me to loose some weight. So Michele has commissioned operation get Walter fat. Speaking of this, thanks to all of you have dropped food off for us. It has been great and I am eating more now.

I hope to get the drain out this week and continue to fully recover from my two surguries. Once again the Lord has been working in me this week. Michele and I have grown so much closer to each other and the Lord through this experience. It is in times like these that we truely have our faith tested. I can say it is our faith and everyones's prayers that have helped us get to this point.

I will update again later this week to let you know how I am doing once the drain is removed.

Thanks again and God Bless